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Bayesia Engine API

The Bayesia Engine is an API that allows developers to integrate Bayesia’s technology in external applications and deploy models generated with BayesiaLab for automated inference, e.g. in real-time applications.

You can access many of BayesiaLab’s functions outside the graphical user interface by using Bayesia’s Modeling and Inference Engines. You can thus leverage Bayesian networks in your own applications and deploy them for external access, e.g. by clients, without requiring them to install their own copy of BayesiaLab.

The Bayesia Engine API is implemented as a pure Java class library (jar file), which can be easily integrated into any software project.

With the Modeling Engine in the Bayesia Engine API you can create your own Bayesian networks from within your code and subsequently perform inference with the Inference Engine.

The Inference Engine in the Bayesia Engine API allows you to perform inference on Bayesian networks from within your own application. Networks created with BayesiaLab, or with the Modeling Engine, can both be used for computing inference with the Inference Engine.

A typical implementation scenario would be developing a Bayesian network offline with BayesiaLab and then deploying this network for real-time prediction on streaming data with the Inference Engine.

For more details, please see the Bayesia Engine API Documentation.

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