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BayesiaLab Professional — Elastic Licensing

BayesiaLab Elastic Licensing provides several pay-as-you-go options that give you on-demand access to a BayesiaLab Professional. They offer the ultimate flexibility in software licensing and allow you to scale up or down your BayesiaLab usage precisely as needed. Whether it's one analyst working for 50 hours or 50 researchers working for one hour each, we only charge for what you actually use.

Furthermore, there are no geographic restrictions in license usage, so anyone in your organization, anywhere in the world can have on-demand access to BayesiaLab. For instance, as your work day comes to an end in America, you can have your colleagues in Asia continue seamlessly with your project, using BayesiaLab Elastic Licensing.

  1. The easiest way to get started with BayesiaLab is to register your organization for a BayesiaLab Elastic License Account (BELLA) for a one-time fee of $199: No contracts, no commitment, no expiration date, just one flat hourly rate. You simply use BayesiaLab when you need it for precisely as long as needed and not a minute longer. For instance, you can go from 0 users to 100 users and back to 0 users in a single day. You simply charge the actual time your team works with BayesiaLab to BELLA. You can keep BayesiaLab pre-installed for likely users or install it on the fly as needed. Only the time you actually work with BayesiaLab counts.
  2. You can secure additional cost savings by planning ahead for upcoming projects. Simply select a Prepaid Elastic Plan (PREP) to prepare for your anticipated needs and get a lower hourly rate. And, if your project runs into overtime, you'll only pay for the extra time you need and nothing else. In fact, your hourly price drops even further as you go beyond your prepaid time. So, whenever your team has to do one of those late-night, super-urgent "fire drills" for a client, you can focus on getting the work done and not worry about software licensing.