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BayesiaLab Professional — Prepaid Elastic Plans (PREP)

Bayesia S.A.S.

BayesiaLab Professional — Prepaid Elastic Plans (PREP)

$ 6,400.00 (USD)

  • By using a Prepaid Elastic Plan (PREP) you can take advantage of very attractive hourly rates without having to sign up for long-term contracts. You simply pre-pay for a PREP cycle, e.g. 3 months/150 hours, 6 months/300 hours, or 12 months/600 hours. And, if your actual usage exceeds your PREP time, your hourly cost will decrease even further. Additional usage—beyond the PREP hoursis billed at a plan-specific discounted rate and will be charged to your account at the end of each month.
  • Once you have completed a PREP cycle, you can renew it, choose a different one, or simply fall back on BELLA as your default "pay-as-you-go" account at a standard rate of $44/hour. 
  • Please note that unused hours will not "roll over" beyond the end of a PREP cycle. 
  • "Usage" is the amount of time between the start and the end of a BayesiaLab session, i.e. the time between launching BayesiaLab and quitting the program. Note that any idle time, e.g. BayesiaLab running in the background, counts as usage. 
  • Usage is recorded via the Bayesia License Server (BLS), to which BayesiaLab maintains a continuous connection during an active session. Note that only usage is recorded and that no other information is transmitted to BLS.

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