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BayesiaLab Professional — Perpetual Continental Token License Purchase

Bayesia S.A.S.

BayesiaLab Professional — Perpetual Continental Token License Purchase

$ 63,800.00 (USD)

  • Compatible with Windows/Mac/Unix. 
  • Unrestricted number of installations within the user's organization within the specified region.
  • Floating Token Licenses can be shared between multiple users within the user's organization.
  • The number of licensed Tokens determines the maximum number of concurrent users of BayesiaLab. 
  • Token availability is managed via the Bayesia License Server (BLS).
  • A persistent Internet connection via Port 2424 is required for launching and running a regular BayesiaLab session.
  • A "Borrow Token" function allows temporary offline use, e.g. while traveling.
  • Continental Tokens are licensed for use within a specific geographic region, which must be specified when placing the order:
    • North, Central and South America (NCSA): UTC -12 to UTC -2
    • Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA): UTC -1 to UTC +3
    • Asia Pacific (APAC): UTC +4 to UTC +12
  • BayesiaLab Perpetual Licenses do not include software maintenance and technical support. They are available as a separate annual subscription.

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